In 2001 Martin wrote the "Life In Reverse" album, a collection of 10 songs, with friends Simon Burchell and Mark Street adding guitar/drums to some of the tracks.

In 2002, two songs from this album - “Follow The Sun” and “To Be With You” - were covered by Taylor-K.

In 2003 Martin wrote the "Computer Girl" EP, 4 new songs all different in style, from pop to rock to alternative. Darren Mortimer and Mark Street played guitar on some of the tracks.

Also, as part of Littlestar, "Follow The Sun" from the "Life In Reverse" album was rewritten as a dance track with Déannè Blazey on vocals.

In 2004 Martin began to write songs with Geoff Holliss and concentrated on writing further dance music under the alias Littlestar with Geoff, Mark and Déannè. This led to the track "The Love That You Want".

In 2007 Martin reached the semi-finals of the "UK Songwriting Contest" with "A Little Closer" in the
Pop category. This was then signed to "Leopard Music Publishing".

Also, "Follow The Sun" by Littlestar was signed by "Crucial Music" around this time.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 Martin reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest with tracks
"Such A Fool" and "We Shine Again" in the Rock/Indie category, and "Butterflies" in the Pop category.

These 3 tracks, together with the songs "Out Of Control" and "Looking To Catch A Ride", featured on the "We Shine Again" EP which was released on 01-Dec-09.

All monies raised from sales of the "We Shine Again" EP were donated to the British Heart Foundation.

In 2011, a new song entitlted "She's Like A Star" was signed to Leopard Music Publishing.